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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Books, books, and more books...

The little book elves of our library have delivered some more great reads to our library:  missing selections from some of our favorite series, more poetry collections, new and exciting books about space, and some wonderful new picture books.  Deciding which books make it onto the "New Books" easel will be quite a challenge indeed!

And speaking of books, if you find some gently used children's books in the midst of your spring cleaning, please consider making a donation to our "Spread the Word" campaign.  The number of inner city children who do not have books of their own might surprise you, and one way to encourage the development of literacy is to have great books available to read at home and at school.  Let's make sure that each child in the school we are sponsoring gets to pick out a book to take home!  For those who have already make a donation, thank you so much!

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